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Discover how our intuitive solutions can improve your hotel guest management and marketing

Intuitive Analyser

Be proactive with guests’ preferences using our intuitive analytic solution

Guest 360° view

Provide guest-focused views, reports, and lists to manage the operational guest profiles with reservation details, revenue statistics, guest preferences, internal and external reviews available in the same view

Guest satisfaction

Measure guest satisfaction from instant guest feedback, survey, hotel reviews (TripAdvisor, Booking, …) to identify revenue oportunities improving hotel operational tasks.

Marketing evaluation

Track activity history (log calls, events, meetings, newsletters, emails, external campaigns, surveys) and determine marketing effectiveness and the most valuable customers based on historical data

Intuitive Advisor

Run personalised hotel offers & services from your guest history

Guest behavior

Learn from guest’s historical, personal and contextual data to identify buyer profiles and appropriate hotel products or services using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that continuously incorporate new data items

Marketing intelligence

Measure marketing impact of each customer touch point to determine the best interactions channel and ensure consistency across marketing channels for any device or any interaction method

Predict cross-sell

Modeling all available information to determine the optimal offer for driving incremental cross-sell or upsell revenue for each customer by increasing the offer-acceptance rate

Intuitivehub Services


Audit of guest relation management, profiling guest behavior, analysing global sales account purchasing processes, e-reputation and guest loyalty strategies

Business intelligence

Development of key reports, dashboards and alerts based on hotel historical data and guest insights to drive better outcomes in all aspects of hotel business


Guest segmentation to dynamically present upsell offers, cross sell products and dynamic packages to optimize both guest revenue and satisfaction

About Intuitivehub

Our mission

We help hoteliers take back the control of their clients by optimizing the guest relationship through active interactions and personalised experiences

Our solution

We provide intuitive CRM tools to analyse guest behavior, measure satisfaction and predict product and service recommendations for each customer

Our technology

We propose intuitive web applications based on the leading Salesforce1 development platform and the cloud Amazon web services for data integration

Our connector hub

We develop connectors for hotel front-office (e.g. PMS Opera, Protel, etc.), marketing (mass emailing, survey, campaign), social media, email (e.g. Outlook, Google) and revenue management systems (RMS)

How Intuitivehub works for you

Impress your guests: Be proactive with guests’ preferences using intuitive solutions

Easily analyse your guest data: Use our integrated business intelligence tool

Run personalised offers and services: Review your guest history

Stay flexible and be mobile: Use Intuitivehub solutions on any device, anywhere, at any time

Save time: No software to install, just connect our solutions to your PMS, RMS or Marketing system

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